Casmara Masks

Drama Queen Studio is proud to provide our clients with CASMARA masks: The INVENTOR of Original Algae Peel Off Facial Masks! Casmara is a world- renowned brand specializing in seaweed extracts that lowers the temperate of your skin to 6 degrees Celsius to reduce puffiness and facilitate drainage. Our studio offers three masks; 


The Vitamin Vegetable Mask

Stimulating and Anti-Wrinkles. What is it? Mask based on MARINE ALGAE EXTRACTS and a high amount of natural VITAMIN C nutrients from orange and DILL. The VITAMIN C acts as a skin clarifying active principle, antioxidant and stimulant of collagen synthesis.


20min      $59


The Green Mask

Oxygenating and Reaffirming. What is it? Mask based on mineral substances and skin humectants, featuring moisturizing properties due to its MARINE ALAGE EXTRACTS composition. It also contains MINT ESSENCE giving the mask its characteristic sensation of intense freshness. 



20min       $59


The 24K Gold Mask

Revitalizing & Remineralizing. What is it? A mask consisting of 24 KARAT GOLD DUST, MINERALS and SEAWEED EXTRACT. This combination of active ingredients makes the GOLD MASK unique. The 24 KARAT GOLD DUST provides a tightening effect for the face and neckline whilst aiding the intense nutrition and revitalisation obtained from the MINERALS at the same time. The SEAWEED gives the GOLD MASK an intense moisturizing effect.


20min      $69




 A high technology facial mask with wakame kelp with a high firming effect. This state-of-the-art mask that allows the use of electroporation and ionization techniques thanks to its conductivity. A cosmetic product with marine biotechnology providing firming and effect together with the benefits of seawater.


90min          $165