Drama Queen Studio is the epitome of excellence and experience in the make-up and hair industry. Based in Vancouver, BC, Kiran Purewal has become a staple in the bridal industry through her years of dedication and creativity. Established in 2009, Drama Queen Studio Academy is a product of her knowledge and insight attained as an artist and a business professional.



Our certification programs have provided hundreds of students from across the globe- London, Mumbai, and across Canada & the US, with an expert and individually catered learning experience.  Through a comfortable and open environment, students are able to establish themselves as artists and go on to start their own businesses.

Drama Queen Studio Academy provides a two-week extensive and in depth Hair & Make-Up training program. This course will guide students in the applications of make-up and hair design, while attaining the skills to perfect the art for any occasion.  We share the tricks of the trade, allowing students to master their talents and abilities with support from the best in the industry. 

Drama Queen Academy is proud to be the leading choice in Canada for Make-Up and Hair Artistry education. We are dedicated to providing our students with a professional, comprehensive, and insightful learning experience. 






Makeup Artistry Training


The Make-Up Artistry training program allows students to master the skills behind flawless make-up application and demonstrates the ideal techniques employed while working with different types of skin and facial structure. 

This course runs one week long (Monday-Friday) and will will cover the following looks and techniques:

  • Skin Care 
  • How to assess a clients features and the best way to enhance their look
  • Day Look 
  • Glittery Eye-Look 
  • Smokey Eye-Look 

Bridal Make Up Look

How to choose the correct eye shades according to an outfit

  • Skin correction
  • Eye Lash Application
  • Priming, Blending and Contouring

In addition to this, we also teach Dupatta Pining, Saree Tying and Jewelry Setting with each look.

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Hair Style Training


The Hair Style Artistry program thoroughly instructs students through several hairdressing looks from bridal styles to contemporary party looks, and demonstrates how to effectively style different hair types and lengths. Students will learn how to use various hair tools, as well as backcombing techniques and hair accessorizing. 

This course also runs one week long, and will cover the following looks and techniques:

  • Bridal Updo 
  • Spanish Side Bun 
  • Half Up; Half Down 

• Parandhi Hairstyle

• Designer Hairstyle of the classes choice 

• Attaching Hair Extensions

In addition to this, we also teach Dupatta Pining, Saree Tying and Jewellery Setting with each look.

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Drama Queen Studio Academy provides students with the basic tools necessary for flawless Make-Up application and Hair Style artistry. However, students are asked to attend class alongside a model as natural human hair and skin are the most beneficial for learning purposes.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail us directly at dramaqueenstudio@gmail.com